What Happened in 2005 in Africa?

Continent rich in history

Africa is continent rich in history. This ranges from the political field, economic activities, Wars to formation of various organizations. For instance, 2005 in Africa, there are major events that took place and had a huge impact as far history is concerned.

African Union

When it comes to peace and security issues, on 10th to 11th January 2005, the first summit of the African Union was held.

Geopolitical event

More about African Union

In 2005 also, UN Secretary-General by the Kofi Annan noted that African was still behind in terms of MDGs by 2015 and declared most of the African counties not on the schedule.
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15 countries assembled in Swaziland on February also met and discussed the best way Africa was to be represented in UN council on security. eTA Canada

  • This event brought together heads of state in Peace and Security Council and took place in Libreville, Gabon. The summit majorly focused on the security issues in various countries that included Cote d’Ivoire, Sudan, and DRC.

  • Another summit was also held in 30th to 31st January in Nigeria and this was mainly about food security, health matters as well as conflicts issues.

  • During this summit, several decisions were resolved including the establishment of peace force that will help stabilization of Somalia and deployment of the military in Rwanda to disarm rebels.


Economic Community of West African States - On 19th January members of ECOWAS who are mainly West African states met and elected Tandja Mamadou who was the president of Niger as the president of ECOWAS replacing John Kufuor. On February the same year, ECOWAS condemned Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema seizing power in Togo after the death of his father. evisa-bahrain.com

West African states

Dynamic economic development


Conflicts and Civil Wars

There are major conflicts and civil wars that took place in Africa in 2005. Here are some of them:


In terms of elections, 2005 in Africa there was presidential elections in Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Guinea and Gabon. In Burundi, there was senate and national assembly elections